I never thought development of web games can be that simple until I started development of my first game with Adobe Flex. I made two games, without any prior experience with Action script, in only ten months: "Fitter" and "RGB".

I found many answers to my questions on different forums and web sites, and it is time to share my knowledge with Flex community.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Before we begin

Adobe Flex is open source development kit for development of rich web applications based on the Adobe Flash platform. Adobe Flex is free and available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. On the other hand, Adobe Flex Builder - development environment for Flex, cost almost 250$. Don't worry, if you cannot afford it, you will be able to execute and modify all code samples from this tutorial anyway, but I do believe Flex Builder makes developer's life much easier.

This tutorial will teach you how to create games with Flex step by step. Together we will create game called Snake's adventure - advanced version of classic Snake game. I will not lie to you, without any programming experience you will most likely have problems understanding the source code from this tutorial. You should at least have basic knowledge of one modern programming language.

If you do not have Flex SDK (software development kit) already installed on your computer, you can download it from here. There is no installation package for current version (3.4) of SDK, you will have to manually extract content of downloaded file on your disk. Flex SDK contains bunch of tools and lots of samples, take your time and explore the content of SDK.

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